"La 6º Coalición 3 "

Now, Clara T. already knowing her powers, starts tryining to abiod been defeat by N�ktum and drain all Clara�s power. Also the birthday of Clara is aproaching and everything gets complicated when a few unespected guests arribe to the party.

"Proyecto HTM 3"

This furry comic is about to see the lights, and in this number, an unknown being reveal the true about the kitty and her life, crating a doubt about everything that was known until now.

"La 5 º Coalición"

The fifth coalition shows us how Alejandra, the last but one of "The power" owners, in the first years of xx century in England. Fights N�ktum, this time ready and tryned by Vigorio..

"Cómics On-line"

This site contains 4 stories On-Line, done in diferent styles, that shows only a bit of what I can do, if you want to see them, go to the Comics secction, and ther click in Comic On-Line. There you will find the stories of: "Nicomic Genesis , "La 4º Coalición ", "Flavia Z , "Onegai Teacher´s", "La sexta coalicion".

"Updated Site"

Now the Nicol Comics site, has new pics and comics on-line, don�t let anything without looking and check all the site, you would be surprised.