An Argentinian Super Hero, from here….


It is a parody of an Argentinian Super Hero that has action, comedy, science fiction, mistery, unrealistic ideas and even a bit of horror. And the story is about a character known as Juan Tabla ( an Argentinian Super Hero) that in several occasions tries to save the world of evil villains and incredibly powerful creatures called Beasts, which come to destroy the Earth. Juan Tabla or more specifically: " El Invencible" along with his friends: Clara Tocamé, Federico Milón, la hermana Pura, el Profe and Fido (the perverted dog) are going to avoid that the world be destroyed. It is a short story, a comic or an independent fanzine in series, that mixes funny characters with creatures really horrifying and that it takes place in the city of Rosario in present time. Chaos, destruction and cataclysms will take place in our planet when the Beasts, that come from outer space, invade the Earth

“El Invencible” will be able to save us... we will see it next in the list of stories published by Nicolás Zuliani and the AHIROS...


El Invencible 0 "A Hero is born"

A story that shows the first steps of Juan before becoming in “El Invencible”, an Argentinian Super Hero, and also tells us about the relation among Juan, her sister and Federico when they were very close. The problems begin when a singer monster from another world wants to destroy us and that is when Juan Tabla goes into action.

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El Invencible 1 "An Argentinian Super Hero made in Rosario "

Juan Tabla (our hero) and Clara Tocamé (an Argentinian Federal Police Woman) join forces with el Profe (a lunatic scientist) and Fido (Juan's perverted dog) to overcome a new threat, Carshac, a creature that only wants to enslave all humankind.

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El Invencible 2 " The Argentinian devastation "

Carshac (a Beast from another dimension) faces Invzord (a robot created by el Profe), meanwhile Juan tries to stop the missiles that were sent by the "beast" to destroy the three most important cities of Argentina. Regarding this, Clara has been going through a series of tests to definitely ally to the team of Juan and in this way destroy the evil in the planet.

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El Invencible 3 "With friends like that, Who needs enemies?"

The Invzord, already destroyed by Carshac can´t do anything else, and with the help of her powers, Clara, wants to destroy that thing from another dimension. Here is when you know that him and his raze were the responsible of all her suffering. Here is wheh Juan´s sister appear and his friend Federico, those will help our hero to defeat Carshac. but him opens a gate, and from it a lot of beasts and his LORD appears

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El Invencible 4 " Salvation or Destruction "

The Master of the beasts comes to our dimension to find something that he wants for thousands of years, but anybody knows what it is. While, Clara and Juan’s sister fight against the creatures that came from another world and at the same time Juan and Fede escape from a group of creatures sent by the Master to destroy them.

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El Invencible 5: " The Beginning of the End"

This time, “El Invencible” will fight with one of the most powerful adversaries that exist in the universe: the Master, and he should follow a long way of hard training accompanied by his Guide: Belinda, so he can defeat his opponent. The story adquires a volte-face when the truth of the existence of the beasts and its appearance in the Earth is known.

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El Invencible 6: "Our last hope"

In this story we will see al Invencible along with Belinda; they are trying to get a power located in another dimension, which is able to destroy the Master. Meanwhile, their friends (Clara, el Profe, etc) fight in the Earth so that the beasts won´t kill people and eventhough the disgraces that happened, everything goes more or less right….we will see…

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El Invencible 7: " I must follow the destiny that calls me "

In this story we see al Invencible Juan Tabla along with his friends fighting against the Master; and meanwhile the Earth is going to explode. But thanks to the efforts and willingness of Juan to save us, he discovers a new power and with the aim to save his friends he does his better and..... soon you will see.

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Pocket Freak (El Invencible versus Cosmopollo) ---COMIC ON-LINE---

These two great freaks of the independent comic strip come together to make a very funny and amusing story. Cosmopollo, a chicken with a spacesuit, fights against Juan Tabla, whom we already know.

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El Invencible Comic Book

Every comic published of ´El Invencible´are included in this comic.

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A very cute birdy that leaves a great deal to be desired


This story is a picture gallery of Clara, it includes Pin-Ups from different authors such as Zorro Ré, Zeth Bear, José Ballester; Rober Silva, Pablo Colaso, Marco Massacesi, Giselle Fiore, Daiana Fiore, Alejandro Aragón and more... and obviously from me , his creator: Nicolás Zuliani; enjoy them; forward on a short description of the fanzines published…

Galería de Clara Tocamé 1

What can I say? of Claras, Claras and more Claras…

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Galería de Clara Tocamé 2

Well… more Claras than Darkers

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Galería de Clara Tocamé 3

More …more and much more Claras…

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La 6º Coalición Nº 1 -" The chosen woman " (Clara T.)

In this comic we have the famous Clara Tocamé but this time she is acompanied by a new band : her brother, her boyfriend, a powerful being and a girl with several powers; and her enemies are: Noktum, who is a girl and Keredor. This is a story with a lot of action and a lot of birdies, just what we like or not?, but things change when they know that Clara is "The Bearer" of a huge power that sooner will define the world's destiny.

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La 6º Coalición Nº 2 - " The heart's limits " (Clara T.)

At the end, Clara fights against another bearer of "The Power", the Bearer is a very clever but merciless girl, her name is Noktum. Vigorio and Alejandra succeed in getting in touch with Clara before Nocktum steals her powers and destroys the world. It is a comic full of action and drama

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La 4 º Coalición ---COMIC ON-LINE---

From the same saga of the 6th Coalition, this one is obviously the fourth, and tells us about Noktum and a fighting in medieval time, with a Bearer of "The Power"; a gentleman, who has caused her and interesting and terrible hassel.

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It is a style that I love to draw and I thank ZorroRe for letting me know about it. I like a lot this style.

This one, is a story that has a lot of romance, specifically speaking is one of my favourites (of course, of mine production, or not?) Inspired by a great friend, recently named, I got to know about this "area”, which I like so much


Proyecto HTM Nº 1 (Experiment)

This is a romantic story with a bit of action and amusement. It is about a wolf, a rabbit and a very weird creature In a certain way, the style used in this story is a very cool one, classified as “Furry”, in other words; “Animal Hair”, obviously you understand why. Well, besides what I told you, the comic also has a lot of embarrassing situations that make the history a truly fanzine.

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Proyecto HTM Nº 2 (Feelings)

Once more I´m back with my comic Furry, and in this occasion Romina, the rabbit, declares her love to Alan but in the middle of this romanticism, a new problem is arising because a laboratory is chasing the weird creature, which seems to be in loved with Alan too, anyway, sooner you will know.

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When four friends with great ideas get together things like this happen.

This is my first work with other authors, and it is really very interesting, I learned a lot, everybody learned a lot and it was a very good experience. Once more I thank my friends to ask my participation in this fanzine.


Los 4 Imperios Nº 0 (Counter-Reformation) My Comic within

Specially, this story is about a medieval and futurist world. Really, it is a comic with four stories by four different authors about the world previously commented; my story, tells about a catholic priest who takes revenge for the deaths of his friends, also priests. And he discovers that behind all this not only exist murders and murderers.

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Fanzines made by Nicolas Zuliane and don´t belong to any serial story

Those Stories are sigles without any relation with the published serial of   "El Invencible" o "Clara T."


Onegai Teacher´s

Kyoto Minazuki, a fighting game character who plays the rol of a teacher and Mizuho Kazami, another teacher from a Japanese Anime, meet each other to show that women can do better. (It is an erotic magazine)

Copy Price: $1,50

Las Aventuras de Flavia Z ---COMIC ON-LINE---

Basicaly its the story of a woman who loves the adventures and putting herself in danger, she can´t live without risking her life



Clara and Nóktum meet in the city of Glosario in a cold night, ready to fight hers final battle, but things change when they realize what each one really want



Nicomic Genesis ---COMIC ON-LINE---

A romantic story that takes place in the year 2015 a.C. (after the Third World War) in a high school of Rosario, with a lot of pretty women and a lot of action. Belinda and Nicolas are the main characters, and of course, it´s plenty of secundary characters. She´s always in danger and he is the one to protect her.

Copy Price: $2,50


Antologia NC

El Invencible "Pocket Freak", "La Cuarta Coalicion" and "Amigas" are in this comic.

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All this stories, fanzines and comics, where published under the logo of Nicol Comics and A.H.I of Rosario (Asociacion de Historietistas Independientes de Rosario), so them are the ones who you should be Thanks to...